Natural Remedies for Asthmatics

So here’s the deal:  I am asthmatic, I have been since I swam in college.  I’ve learned that for my body a sinus infection gets into my chest FAST and then can turn into Bronchitis or Pneumonia.  As I’ve aged I have wanted to go more “natural” in my approach to the health issues I am prone to and these are the ones I’ve found and tried.

At the end of it though if I feel like crap for too long (fever, colored phlegm, etc.) I go to a doc and get antibiotics.

(By the way I wrote

Thoughts for a New Year

I am worn out. I see so much “stuff” on Facebook about getting healthy or wealthy or successful and most of it is from people who at best are mediocre in their own life. I hope this post doesn’t offend anyone but I really don’t care if it does – this is directed to EVERY SINGLE person wanting more. More money, more health, more fulfillment, more of whatever.  By the way, it’s possible that no one has ever told you what I’m about to tell you or maybe you forgot.

  • If you want better health… workout more.  Quit posting random inspirational crap on your FB. Quit posting pics of your sweaty hot body at the gym. Just do work.  (I do 100 push ups per day and practice a martial art called Aikido.)
  • If you want better health… eat better.  Again, little recipe pics are fine and dandy but recognize the simple fact that there are 35 meals to consume

Joe Hadachek is voted top 15 in the Country

My friend Joe just got voted in the Top 15 high school football coaches in the country.

Screen shot on October 25… Joe is 3rd overall with 15.9% of votes


But now it gets good: The top 2 coaches (out of the Top 15) will be honored live on ESPN at the Under Armour All-America Game on January 1, 2017.

Here is the favor I need from you: Go to and vote for Joe. The rules say that you can vote every day.. so vote daily 🙂


Desire to get better


“Her strength is not in any physical attribute. It’s not even in any particular technique. It’s in her overwhelming desire to do what she needs to do to get better.” ~ Bruce Gemmell. Coach of the legendary Katie Ledecky

Read the article this quote came from here.

We ALL need you to win

Regardless of whether you follow college basketball or not the NCAA Division 1 championship game between Villanova and UNC was a classic. I didn’t have a dog in the hunt but I watched the game because I love to see competitors in a championship moment. The outcome is history – Villanova won and UNC lost. In the last 15 seconds of the game both teams started raining down 3 point plays – back and forth in the most incomprehensible scenarios. The game winner was a 3 pointer at the buzzer by a player named Jenkins from Villanova.

But as you watch this video (regardless of who you were cheering for) I want you to watch for a sense of expectations of something great about to happen.