2012 Physical Accountability

Z’s 2012 Physcial Quest accountability with 11 months finished, 1 month to go.
– Push up goal 26,000: right now 25,160 (1,297 ahead of schedule)
– Sit up goal 52,000: right now 49,620 (1,894 ahead of schedule)
– Pull up goal 500: right now 494 (35 ahead schedule)
– Burpee goal 1000: right now 957 (39 ahead schedule)
– Row 1,000,000 meters: Finished 1,001,669 last month.

Relating to physical fitness goals, I am doing a video after I set my 2013 goals to explain how I set AND achieved my goals in 2011 and 2012. I’ll teach you how to set and achieve your fitness goals. Just stay connected on Twitter or Facebook or email to the right.

For the record that GQ dad with a white kid on his back is not me. I’ll ask Kim to take a real picture next time!

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