2014 Physical Accountability – 7 months down 5 to go


2014 goals:

  • 26,000 Push ups.  I’ve done 16,930 and am 666 behind the 8 ball.  Still doing 3 sets of 50 seven days a week and still holding up good.  I had a 27 day stretch of doing 150 push ups!
  • 4th Kyu in Aikido.  I need a minimum of 80 classes and I have 41.  I am also in what I call “Focus Practice Mode”.  Which means I practice all of the movements for 5th Kyu and 4th Kyu daily.  If I’m at the dojo I’ll focus on finessing 1 move under the eye of a Sensei.  If I’m at home or on the road, I work with Shadow Uke 🙂

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