5,000 Meter Rowing PR


During my push ups this morning I felt smooth and thought maybe I would try a PR.  So I decided to see how I’d feel during a 1,000 meter warm and and felt really good.  Probably because I’d taken 8 days off completely to heal from my vasectomy and had 2 days of easy rowing back.

The game plan was to hold a 2:10 pace and then open up during the last 1,000 but after the warmup when it was go time it cost almost nothing to get below 2:10 and hold somewhere between 2:02 and 2:07.  But what I learned last year was that each of these PR attempts required me to stretch the rubber band and keep it stretched without it breaking.  Last year many times I wasn’t able to keep it stretched and would end up cracking so I was decided that being more conservative was smarter.

By about 2K to go I saw my heart was holding steady, my respiration was full and my pace was still between 2:00 and 2:05 and I had a fleeting thought that I was on pace to crack.  But I focused on technique and tried to breath more during the recovery part of the stroke.

My PR sheet.

My PR sheet.

As I neared the 1K mark I knew it was going to be a PR and I decided NOT to light it up then but to wait until 500 meteres before I hit it.  But because I was “thinking” about the acceleration my heart had been going up.  I was still moving at the same speed but my system was already on – in hindsight I should have relaxed more and not allowed my self to get excited.

At 500 meters I hit it hard and started the real push.  My heart rate jacked up and I had the pace down to 1:40 then 1:45 then 1:48 and held it.  At 19:00 (I don’t remember how far I had left to go) but I had the idea that I could finish in 19:59 or less.  As soon as 20:00 clicked by I knew I blew it but still finished in 20:21.

The first four 1,000 meter pieces were solid and consistent.  I lit up the last one.

The first four 1,000 meter pieces were very consistent. On the last one I only hit it during the last 500 so the average pace there is basically 2:02 for the first 500 meters and then something like 1:48ish for the last 500.

My ranking 943 out of 1,804 which represents 48th percentile.  Last year my time was 25th percentile.

My ranking 943 out of 1,804 which represents 48th percentile. Last year my time was 25th percentile.

After the smoke cleared and I entered everything online I found out that I was 48th percentile. I missed 50th percentile by freaking 10 seconds! The silver lining is that I figured out what I need to know before the next PR attempt. But it still sucks to know that I missed by 10 seconds…. This was an important workout because I my goal is now to actually train and make it to the 75th percentile by 12/31/13.

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