6th Kyu

Charlotte, NC Premier Aikido Dojo

I took the test on Monday 10/28.  The day after being on a cruise for 13 days.  All the mental practice and rolling around in the ship cabin paid off.  Sure it’s the first rung on the ladder of advancement but I also remember learning to swim at age 13 and then making it to the NCAA’s by age 19.  And slogging away in a little facility in Mississippi  and then ending my marine mammal career at Sea World.  And not being able to finish the Windermere group ride to being able to hold my own in a Pro, 1, 2 race within 4 years.  And not knowing how to talk about Advocare products and being able to build a walk away business by age 40 within 4 years.

I’m kind of good at being a student 🙂  Especially at things I like.

I also want to acknowledge my classmates.  Without Main Sensei, Weiner Sensei, Rich-san, Brent-san, Sergei-san, Matt-san, Leon-san, Jonathan-san, Kristen-san and the other students I’m pretty sure I’d still not know how to even tie my belt.  Thanks guys, I REALLY appreciate you all.

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