A goal just became a major issue.

In June I broke a rib because I rowed too hard (apparently that’s a common rowing injury). ┬áSo I needed a few weeks to recover. Then in July I impinged my right shoulder (overuse injury) because I was paddling into waves. In reality I got a chance to rehearse my surfing skills for 7 consecutive days – which is the longest stretch of surfing I’ve ever done. The bottom line is today I can do roughly 20 pushups (2 sets of 10) and rowed 3,000 meters – I had some straining but not much pain.

This means I’m back and I’m WAY behind the 8 ball for my 2013 Physcial Quest!!! I need to up my daily average push ups to 94 just to finish the year on time. But that’s ok. I’ve been in this position most of my athletic career, behind the 8 ball trying to figure out a way to finish strong.

Time to make the donuts.

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