Aliya achieves her goal

Aliya holding her organized pins.

This is my 9 year old daughter Aliya. Like her brother in January 2012 she also decided to set some goals (with our help). She already was a very good swimmer but running in the Lake Norman Turkey Trot 5K and row 100,000 meters on my Concept 2 rowing machine made her list also. Same deal as with her brother, she saw me row, asked about it, tried and then decided she wanted to do it also.

This afternoon was the culmination for her goal row 100,000 meters.

Aliya accomplishes her 100,000 meter goal.

Unlike her brother Aliya had rowed for time in January and got a ranking for 1,000 meters.

Aliya’s ranking in January 2012, notice that her time was 8:17.

And since she can school him in any distance and speed I had to challenge her to beat his ranking relative to her class. Meaning, if he was 5th in his age, gender and weight class, I challenged her to beat him in her age, gender and weight class.

Aliya’s ranking on December 8, 2012… 6:32

She dropped 1 minute and 45 seconds on the same distance. That means she’s stronger than at the beginning at the year. A good thing for a young lady in 4th grade. I’m very proud of this one. BTW she walks the dog at night and controls him, she weighs 70 pounds and he weighs 75. Being strong is important 🙂

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