Asie achieves his goal

Asie holding up his box of pins. Each pin represented 2,000 meters of rowing. Sort of scattered all over the box.

This is my 7 year old son Asie. In 2012 he decided to set some goals (with our help) that were related to his health. He wanted to learn to swim, learn to ride a bike, run in the Lake Norman Turkey Trot 5K and row 100,000 meters on my Concept 2 rowing machine. He and his sister picked the rowing goal because it was my goal but more on that in a few days.

Tonight was the culmination for a goal that has taken him a year to accomplish, row 100,000 meters. He’s a little kid and rowing is hard, so naturally it hasn’t been a cake walk the whole year. In October I invented a game: I calculated how many more meters he and his sister needed to row, divided that by 2,000 meters and designated 1 push pin per 2,000 meters rowed. The rules were simple, you had to row 2,000 meters to be able to put your pin into the box. Rowing all of a sudden turned into a game of who could put the most pins into the box! He also wanted to see what his world ranking was so we timed his 1,000 meter row.

Screen shot of Asie’s total meters.

His world ranking 23 out of 27! But if you look at the 7 year olds he didn’t do so bad. He was more excited about having a ranking than what it was.

He’s an extremely competitive, good little boy and I’m so very proud of him.

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