No Easy Day by Mark Owen

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If you’ve watched the movie Zero Dark Thirty then this book will make sense. It’s from the perspective of one of the Navy Seals who was on the raid. But the reason I read the book was because the Pentagon had it’s panties in a wad about the book being released 🙂

As civilians we must actively seek to understand what our service men and women undergo and help where we can. I have 2 ways I help our military, one of the is by being a customer of books like this.

Invincible Warrior by John Stevens

Click to get the book on Amazon

Click to get the book on Amazon

This was an absolutely fascinating truly life story of a giant of a man. In short he was an expert martial artist at the turn of the century who got tired of hurting people, sought a higher purpose and synthesized a new martial art called Aikido (The Way of Harmony).

American Badass by Dale Comstock

Interesting book but it kind of jumped all over the map. One thing that jumped out to me was how entrepreneurial the author was. If in your walk you find a former member of our military – after you thank them and get to know them, see if there’s a way you can help them. I know as an Advocare distributor there is an obvious way to help but as this author proves some of these guys have numerous talents. Our role as civilians is to help these guys and their families.

Becoming a Supple Leopard by Dr. Kelly Starrett

For the years that I raced a bike I always knew that my fitness was about to explode when my right hip tightened up. It’s been going on for years. In November 2012 I asked one of my guru’s Jesse Reynolds if he had anything in his bag of crossfit and olympic weight lifting coaching tricks. He referred me to mobility wod. Then I met my chiropractor Rob Benningfield and he found that my right hip was compressed by 20 mm (I think.) He got me loosened up and then endorsed Mobility Wod. Then the book came out – BOOM!!!! If you buy the concept that “all human beings should be able to perform basic maintenance on themselves” then this is the resource you’ve been looking for.  By the way you can read the book from cover to cover if you want to but I use it as a reference book.

The Coveted Black And Gold by JD Lock

I’ve had this book since 2002 but just got around to reading it.  I think I just got tired of it staring at me in the library.  If you want to learn about hardship this would be a great read.  I distinctly remember the thought that took me out, even more than 25 years later…  “I can’t do all of this hungry and tired.  I need to recover.”  The mentality of an NCAA division 1 swimmer wasn’t enough.  Proud of the guys I know who made it.  RLTW.

The Mission, The Men and Me by Peter Blaber

I was told to read this book and seek understanding by someone very important to me, I am sooooo glad that I did.  The title alone is a philosophy!  Not only did the author take me behind the scenes and frustrate the living crap out of me about how the army works but he also taught 4 important concepts that are necessary for leadership.20130913-161037.jpg