Who Is This Man


I went to a private Catholic school in Lahore, Pakistan. Then in the US I went to college at St. Louis University, another private Catholic school. Religion and faith based questions run deep in mine and my family traditions. Although I am a Muslim, I am very open minded about learning how others view and practice their spiritual life and have been particularly happy with how my Advocare friends practice their faith.

This book is a gift from Jan and Rick Loy, incredible people and mentors in multiple areas of my life. This quote resonates deep in me, “Hear. Listen. Be quiet. Here is Torah. Wisdom. Strap it on your arms, tie it to your head, put it on the door, paint it on the gate, say it first thing in the morning and last thing at night, talk about it with your kids. Miss everything else in life, but not this: Love God with all you’ve got.”

That’s it right there, it simply doesn’t get any easier to understand. ¬†BTW the author is awesome!