I Unleashed Holy Hell

Today I unleashed holy hell.  I did 3 rowing pieces for my world rankings: 100 meter, 500 meter and 2,000 meter.  Here’s the set up…


Rankings with other 50-59 year old Heavyweights (165+ lbs) males in the United States.


Rankings with other 50-59 year old Heavyweight (165+ lbs) males in the World.


Rankings with all ages Heavyweights (165+ lbs) males in the World.


100 meter – this wasn’t hard but I don’t think I could have done more. I was capped by strength and power – I may have been able to do more back in June because OTF had us rowing like mad back then. Still happy about this though, most stoked about the stroke count and watts.

500 meter – I cracked on this – right down the middle. I know for a fact I was maxed out on this and paid a steep price after it was over. My peak was so high I couldn’t breathe after it was over and it took forever to come back down.  Proud of my power output and strokes on this one – felt like the butter flyer in me came back for a short visit from the past. The closeness of the intervals to each other proved to me (yet again) that suffering is an act of will, not fitness.

2000 meter – this didn’t hurt like the 500 and although I got tons of recovery before it started I don’t think I had much more in me for this.  I can’t help but think I went too fast on the first 500 but the next 4 were like a metronome so maybe I was close.  I don’t think anything at OTF can prepare me for this kind of effort – to go faster I would have had to train specifically for this. But still happy.

For my OTF friends, I figured out how to do this (it’s in the OTBeat App – Out of studio workout).  The 500 and 2,000 are in the red zone the 100 wasn’t long enough to get into red.

I can not express how happy I am right now! This is the base I start training for Leadville from – there’s no guarantees of success but the odds are good. I also really want to thank my Kim for always giving me a hall pass to scratch the itch of what I have under the hood and my bff Sarah for driving me like a sled dog. I seriously think I’m getting better as I age – super jacked about the future. Remember my friends: Go until you start to crack, then go again to see if in fact that was the line. Usually it’s not.

Thanks for reading this.
Happy Z