What was I thinking???

My rowing workouts.

These are 2 rowing workouts I attempted. Needless to say after I stretched, did my plank, did my push ups I had no freaking idea what the hell these numbers meant! I wrote them big enough on note cards and thought “no problem” I’ll do them easy but the reality was I got confused and gave up and just rowed.

Moral of the story? KISS. Keep It Simple Silly.

Aliya achieves her goal

Aliya holding her organized pins.

This is my 9 year old daughter Aliya. Like her brother in January 2012 she also decided to set some goals (with our help). She already was a very good swimmer but running in the Lake Norman Turkey Trot 5K and row 100,000 meters on my Concept 2 rowing machine made her list also. Same deal as with her brother, she saw me row, asked about it, tried and then decided she wanted to do it also.

This afternoon was the culmination for her goal row 100,000 meters.

Aliya accomplishes her 100,000 meter goal.

Unlike her brother Aliya had rowed for time in January and got a ranking for 1,000 meters.

Aliya’s ranking in January 2012, notice that her time was 8:17.

And since she can school him in any distance and speed I had to challenge her to beat his ranking

Asie achieves his goal

Asie holding up his box of pins. Each pin represented 2,000 meters of rowing. Sort of scattered all over the box.

This is my 7 year old son Asie. In 2012 he decided to set some goals (with our help) that were related to his health. He wanted to learn to swim, learn to ride a bike, run in the Lake Norman Turkey Trot 5K and row 100,000 meters on my Concept 2 rowing machine. He and his sister picked the rowing goal because it was my goal but more on that in a few days.

Tonight was the culmination for a goal that has taken him a year to accomplish, row 100,000 meters. He’s a little kid and rowing is hard, so naturally it hasn’t been a cake walk the whole year. In October I invented a game: I calculated how many more meters he and his sister needed to row, divided that by 2,000 meters and designated 1 push

2012 Physical Accountability

Z’s 2012 Physcial Quest accountability with 11 months finished, 1 month to go.
– Push up goal 26,000: right now 25,160 (1,297 ahead of schedule)
– Sit up goal 52,000: right now 49,620 (1,894 ahead of schedule)
– Pull up goal 500: right now 494 (35 ahead schedule)
– Burpee goal 1000: right now 957 (39 ahead schedule)
– Row 1,000,000 meters: Finished 1,001,669 last month.

Relating to physical fitness goals, I am doing a video after I set my 2013 goals to explain how I set AND achieved my goals in 2011 and 2012. I’ll teach you how to set and achieve your fitness goals. Just stay connected on Twitter or Facebook or email to the right.

For the record that GQ dad with a white kid on his back is not me. I’ll ask Kim to take a real picture next time!

February 29 Update

Here’s the update on the 2012 Quest, Golas: 26,000 Pushups…52,000 Situps…500 Pullups…1,000 Burpees…1,000,000 Meters Rowing. As of 2/29 I have the following:

4,315 Pushups, I’m 41 ahead of pace.
8,500 Situps, I’m 48 behind the pace.
125 Pullups, I’m 43 ahead of the pace.
239 Burpees, I’m 75 ahead of the pace.
220,949 Meters, I’m 89,442 Meters ahead of the pace.

How are you doing on your quest?

January 31 Update

Here’s the update on the 2012 Quest…26,000 Pushups…52,000 Situps…500 Pullups…1,000 Burpees…1,000,000 Meters Rowing.

As of 1/31 I am officially 45 years old and have the following:

  • 2,075 Pushups, I’m 133 behind the pace.
  • 4,080 Situps, I’m 480 behind the pace.
  • 62 Pullups, I’m 20 ahead of the pace.
  • 105 Burpees, I’m 20 ahead of the pace.
  • 106,821 Meters, I’m 21,889 Meters ahead of the pace.

How are you doing on your quest?

5 issues that need to be addressed when working out

This morning was the second day of 2012 and my quest is on, like Donkey Kong. But as I was rowing this morning I remembered some things from my 2011 quest that need to have the flash light shined on. Maybe they will help you avoid the same mistakes and give you a heads up on where the challenges will come from.

  • Fueling up – I had the thought yesterday that I needed to pin down my food intake because it was going to have to be different than when I rode at 6 am last year. Normally it’s a handful of supplements, stretch, meal replacement shake, bathroom and then workout. However today I ended up going 6,400 meters (plus 80 push ups plus 160 sit ups plus 5 burpees plus 3 pull ups) BEFORE I had my shake. The result was that I bonked before the last set of push ups. You need to figure out your calorie

2011 Physical Goals: Mission Accomplished

My goal for 2011 was to do the following:

  • 25,000 Push Ups
  • 52,000 Sit Ups
  • 6,000 Miles on the bike

The mission is officially accomplished! I knocked out 26,454 Push Ups, 52,748 and 6,000.8 miles on the bike. It was definitely a mental and physical stretch but the thing that almost killed it was the travel schedule. After April I traveled ALOT and it impacted my routine in a big way. I was also fascinated at how many people I know also set goals that were similar.

I owe a huge thank you to Yvette & David Sanborn of David’s World Cycle for loaning me the bike that made this possible.

My 2012 goals are due by 12/31/12 and are:

  • 25,000 Push Ups
  • 52,000 Sit Ups
  • 1,000 Burpees
  • 500 Pull Ups
  • 1,000,000 Meters rowing on a Concept 2