The blogs I mentioned and their URL’s mentioned in the video are:

The software is called and if you want my OPML file (list of blogs) ask and I’ll email it to you.

How to transition on Facebook

I had a personal Facebook profile and a Fan Page for my personal brand (business.)  The video above explains why I chose to do what I did but in a nutshell I converted my personal profile to a page and did not lose any follower or friends.  This is how I did it.  I also read this article which was very helpful.

The Pros

  • I no longer have an infinite amount of stuff on the news feed!
  • I no longer get a massive number of inbox messages, although some of those messages from people interested in Advocare.

The Cons

  • There is no easy way to be part of the 3 groups I desire to be part of.  So I created a super sterile personal profile and joined back into those groups.
  • There is no way to interact with