Seek Understanding Of Your Body

Today I want you to consider a thought for the next time you work out.  Regardless of your skills being at the professional, elite, average or weekend warrior level.

The thought is:  how do I feel right now?

Have that thought as you start the session – preferably during the warm up.  Ask the question and then listen to the answer your body gives you.  It won’t be an audible answer but over time you will learn to hear what your body is saying to you.  The warm up is a time to harmonize with your body and hear what it’s capable of on that particular day.

In the world of Orange Theory Fitness 1 Splat Point is 1 minute spent in the state of EPOC (in the world of cycling we called if Afterburn – you go hard enough that when you stop training you still keep burning calories).  OTF defines  2 heart rate zones that generate splat points

Training #7: Z Is Quitting


I do trainings for my tribe (people who hold the same values I do) and they’re free.  They are conducted via Facebook live in a Facebook group – you can join the group here.  Because of the awesomeness of technology you don’t need to attend live to watch and of the trainings, you can catch them anytime you have some time.   Also, sometimes I cuss – sorry in advance.

Here are the first 6 trainings (you can get access to them by joining the group here.

  • Training #1:  Attributes of Leadership
  • Training #2:  Demystifying Money
  • Training #3:  Z’s Greatest Fear
  • Training #4:  2 Questions To Resolve All Conflict
  • Training #5:  Unlocking Athletic Performance
  • Training #6:  Overcoming Your Mind Virus

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Redefine Yourself

In 2007 when I turned 40 I decided to be a fund raiser for the Leukemia Society’s Team In Training program.  Because I used be their cycling head coach in Orlando I knew all about the program and one of my cyclists had become the coach.  So I was coached by Bob Cline to ride 100 miles all the while raising $5,000 for TNT.  During that journey I met a guy named Tim Caullo.  Tim owned a business that he hated (due to environmental policy changes) and we spent a bunch of time together cycling, paddling, etc.  He told me this true story.  Tim was struggling with his business and got a divorce and had to just out of his own head for a while.  So he went to Chile to go skiing.  One day on a mountain top a storm blew threw and in 10 seconds everything went from blue sky to blizzard.  During the blue sky time he met an older gentleman by

Thoughts for a New Year

I am worn out. I see so much “stuff” on Facebook about getting healthy or wealthy or successful and most of it is from people who at best are mediocre in their own life. I hope this post doesn’t offend anyone but I really don’t care if it does – this is directed to EVERY SINGLE person wanting more. More money, more health, more fulfillment, more of whatever.  By the way, it’s possible that no one has ever told you what I’m about to tell you or maybe you forgot.

  • If you want better health… workout more.  Quit posting random inspirational crap on your FB. Quit posting pics of your sweaty hot body at the gym. Just do work.  (I do 100 push ups per day and practice a martial art called Aikido.)
  • If you want better health… eat better.  Again, little recipe pics are fine and dandy but recognize the simple fact that there are 35 meals to consume

Desire to get better


“Her strength is not in any physical attribute. It’s not even in any particular technique. It’s in her overwhelming desire to do what she needs to do to get better.” ~ Bruce Gemmell. Coach of the legendary Katie Ledecky

Read the article this quote came from here.

We ALL need you to win

Regardless of whether you follow college basketball or not the NCAA Division 1 championship game between Villanova and UNC was a classic. I didn’t have a dog in the hunt but I watched the game because I love to see competitors in a championship moment. The outcome is history – Villanova won and UNC lost. In the last 15 seconds of the game both teams started raining down 3 point plays – back and forth in the most incomprehensible scenarios. The game winner was a 3 pointer at the buzzer by a player named Jenkins from Villanova.

But as you watch this video (regardless of who you were cheering for) I want you to watch for a sense of expectations of something great about to happen.

The Dark Side of Having Grit

Sort of weird to think there’s a dark side of having Grit but it’s true.

Here’s a real life story:
Years ago we owned vending machines. They were truly a pain in the ass. I had to negotiate prices with stores, then had to do the leg work of lugging the food to the machines and loading them. Not to mention beg my way into offices to actually place the machine. On top of all it the business didn’t make any money. One day on a bike ride I was talking to my friend Mark, who was worth $500,000,000 at the time (half a BILLION) about what I was going to do now that I had gotten laid off from my job as a Network Engineer. I told him about my vending machine business and how it was going and his response was simply, “Z, I know you. You’re in the wrong business. Get out of it as fast as you can.” The

3 Steps on becoming a Connor McGregor fan

Until Friday I had never heard of this guy but just by appearances he looked like a skinny little bad ass. You should also know that I am not a fan of UFC – I have nothing against it, I’m just not a fan – I don’t follow the fighters or the matches. (Ronda Rousey got my attention but again she didn’t hold my attention to become a fan of the game.) I became a fan of this guy by Saturday morning. It happened in 3 steps.

Step 1.
I saw this photograph on the cover of SI.


Step 2.
I read this quote in the story on SI and thought, “…hmmm, I like that. Something I need to remember when I’m under the gun. Interesting new thought, who is this guy????” Let me learn more.


Step 3.
I watched this short video on SI Films. He does cuss but

Living Legacy

Me, Weiner Sensei, Demko Sensei, Main Sensei and Brent Goodroe.

Due to an injury I wasn’t able to attend our annual seminar but I got a chance to visit on Friday afternoon.  This photograph shows something deeply significant.  Demko Sensei is the teacher of Main Sensei, who is the teacher of Weiner Sensei, who is Brent and my teacher.  Between the 3 Sensei’s there’s over 100 years of experience.  Living, breathing collections of experience and perspective that are willing to teach, train and mentor the willing – people like Brent, myself and many other students.  This photograph shows a living legacy.

Made me think about people who undertake ventures without the guidance of someone more experienced.

Do you have mentors in your life?  If so, what areas.

Dealing with Physical Adversity


Over the course of my 49 years of life and about 40 of those as an athlete I have dislocated my right shoulder 16 times, my left shoulder 8 times, broken my leg, dislocated my right knee among many other injuries. I’ve also had tons of close calls – like violently crashing on a bike at 40 mph in the middle of a sprint or being sat on by a killer whale underwater or blacking out underwater during a hypoxic swim. I’ve always come back, so much so that part of my identity is that at a deep down cellular level I feel that I am blessed.

Last night I got injured in my newest pursuit, a martial art called Aikido. I’m a 2 year practioner and I was working with a much more advanced student – he zigged, I zagged and viola I’m injured. And yes it hurt like hell and it sucks and all the other things you can think of,