8 Keys to Keeping Your Marriage Strong

8 Keys to Keeping Your Marriage Strong

On very rare and special occasions, we will see a couple celebrating their 50th anniversary. So many things have to fall into place for a couple to make it that long together that it can nearly be considered a miracle only God could have bestowed. Not only does the couple have to fight off all the sharp, poison-tipped arrows of life, but just the simple fragile nature of the human body makes it very hard for both to make it that far. It is pretty safe to say that, on their wedding day, most couples visualize being that pair that grows old so gracefully together. Statistics say that the odds are stacked against them, but it is a victory that can be won. It requires great passion from both in the marriage, and it demands a steadfast resolve to be the exception and not the rule. Here are 8 key ingredients to creating a strong, robust marriage that can go the distance. (Read the

A new journey


In August 2012 I checked out Aikido of Charlotte.  Aikido is a martial art that has fascinated me for 15 years for reasons that I don’t know.  I think I saw something on TV maybe.  It has nothing to do with hitting or tournaments or belts or anything like that, it was something about the way these guys moved – they flowed.  Like water maybe – whatever it was I was attracted to the fluidity and low energy of the participants as well as the effect it had on the opponent.  I’m not a martial arts expert but it looked like this was a great form of self defense.

When I graduated college I already had a long history as a high level athlete and was starting the chapter of my life where it was time to start earning income. I ended up in Orlando, FL years later and was still focused on working and earning money –

Don’t Miss Your Life

My dear friend Kerri Roberson showed this video last weekend in a leadership training. And it made me think of all the men I know who don’t see their kids as much as they desire due to work constraints. I’m most proud of my brother who over the years has made improvements in this area, I’m thankful for learning how to get out of that trap from a man named Joe Hadachek and extremely thankful for a man named Charlie Ragus who made it even possible.

But the video still makes me sad 🙁

Everything matters all the time


Interesting story: about 2 years ago my friends and I were playing in the front yard (this was back in Orlando.) We were playing near a tree that had been damaged by Hurricane Charlie in 2004 and ever since then it sort of just leaned. I remember it was a Persimmon tree. As we’re playing around near it I jumped up on it and pretended to climb it when I noticed that it was starting to bend over and creak. So I got this idea and told Asie to watch as I “tear this tree to the ground”.

I pulled and I pushed and tore the tree to the ground because the roots were rotten.

But Asie thought I really ripped the tree to the ground.

Yesterday morning (2 years after it happened) in a completely random statement Asie looked at me and said “remember when you tore that tree out of the ground?”

It’s a funny