Economic Outpatient Care

20121225-135841.jpg EOC is defined in the last full sentence of the page. This resonates with me because my parents give my siblings and I nothing. No money, no gifts beyond wedding presents and other normal things. Is that good or not good? I don’t really know except that at age 45 I am grateful for the things that they did give us. A sense of belief in ourselves, counsel when we have questions, love and 25 billion other intangibles.

But money? Never. The reason: they didn’t have any. I’m sure it kills them that couldn’t provide us with more or better things but in our conversations today they are very pleased by how all of us turned out. In my experience this concept of EOC makes a person weak. In 100% of the people who I know that get EOC there is a lack of development – there’s no internally generated PUSH to make something happen. EOC retards potential in an otherwise highly gifted person.

Iin the last 10 years I have seen EOC recipients make a choice that they want independence and they have achieved incredible results.  In the end it’s a choice we all have to make, be dependent or independent.  Regardless of the choice we make, we have to make the right moves so that we don’t have unintended consequences on our kids.

2 questions that I would love to read comments on:
– Are you on EOC?
– Are your adult children on EOC?

By the way this is from a book I posted about last week.