Everything matters all the time


Interesting story: about 2 years ago my friends and I were playing in the front yard (this was back in Orlando.) We were playing near a tree that had been damaged by Hurricane Charlie in 2004 and ever since then it sort of just leaned. I remember it was a Persimmon tree. As we’re playing around near it I jumped up on it and pretended to climb it when I noticed that it was starting to bend over and creak. So I got this idea and told Asie to watch as I “tear this tree to the ground”.

I pulled and I pushed and tore the tree to the ground because the roots were rotten.

But Asie thought I really ripped the tree to the ground.

Yesterday morning (2 years after it happened) in a completely random statement Asie looked at me and said “remember when you tore that tree out of the ground?”

It’s a funny story until you pause to think about the significant of your children watching every move you make. I would much rather have Asie think I’m Superman able to pull trees up by the roots than to hero worship some pro athlete on tv. 2 years ago it was just a fun experience. Today I realized that the things that happened in the past have a lasting effect – good or bad.

Remember my friends, everything matters all the time.