July 2013 Physical Accountability


I found this sitting on my desk on Monday, it was left there by one of the most significant people in my life. He OWNS the word preparation.

With 7 months done and 5 to go here’s the update:

  • Push up goal – 26,000.  I’ve done 14,282 and am 3,383 behind the 8 ball.
  • Planks goal – 43,800 seconds.  I’ve done 25,440 and am 5,230 seconds behind the 8 ball.
  • Rowing goal – 1,000,000 meters.  I’ve rowed 588,666 meters and am 7,844 meters ahead of the 8 ball.
  • Walking goal – 300 miles.  I’ve walked 172 miles and am 64 miles ahead of the 8 ball.

This has been the hardest year yet because of how long my injuries took me out but the silver lining is that it’s taught me to think differently.  3 things on my side right now are this:

  • My rib is healed and so is my shoulder.
  • We made the command decision last night to cancel all travel plans during October – no travel = serious momentum for the big daddy.
  • The first 2 things enable me to tap back into “push” mentality.

The hidden blessing in all of this is what the kids are seeing.  This morning in PE class I taught them push ups, burpees and air squats. Then 30 minutes later while they were doing math I knocked out 50 push ups (trying to multi task) and they saw it. An hour later this was my conversation with Asie:
Asie “…abu remember when you were just excercising?”
Me “yes”
Asie “were those push ups?”
Me “yes”
Asie “the same things we did this morning in PE right?”
Me “yes”
Asie “we did 5 didn’t we?”
Me “yes”
Asie “exactly how many did you do?”
Me “50. why?”
Asie “just checking. I’ll do that tomorrow if that’s ok with you.”
Me “sure buddy, no problem.”

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