Let The Fur Fly by Brandon LaRue

Brandon is a very close friend and super wise dude.




My father, Robert “Bob,” used to tell me before big wrestling matches, “let the fur fly Brandon.” Those 4 words seemed so insignificant at the time, yet it has become one of my life’s most valuable lessons. You see, in the sport of wrestling it’s not only a physical grind, but it’s really more of a psychological grind. Wrestlers, including me, would get caught up in the hype and defeat himself before he even step foot on the mat. “He looks stronger than me…..he is ranked higher than me….he beat a guy that I lost to….ect….” That simple statement before I stepped out onto the mat left me feeling confident that if I wrestled my match, and most importantly, that I didn’t leave anything left on the mat, the outcome wouldn’t matter. He was right. Most often times that mindset led to victory, but even when my hand didn’t get raised, victory still remained in my heart because I had no regrets.

Let’s apply that to our lives outside of sports, but then again, life is very much a reflection of sport isn’t it? Are you “letting the fur fly” in your life? Are you leaving your best out on the mat of life? Are you playing to win, or are you playing not to lose? As we near the New Year, I hope you read this and let the story of my Dad, telling me to “let the fur fly” inspire you to take action and not just circumstantially exist. Play to win! ‪#‎letthefurfly‬

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