This web service allows you to build up your brain (the human brain is extremely elastic and can be trained very easily).

Check out how I got hooked into it.
I randomly heard an ad on NPR and signed up. Then I saw you had to work and sort of wandered off. Then 3 years later my buddy Troy Haynes is swearing up and down about how Lumosity is really helping his memory and attention. I listened intently and asked lots of questions but took no action. Then about a month ago my close friend Larry Marks put up this image on Facebook and said something like “I don’t do Candy Crush, I play Lumosity.” I went to sign up and then realized I already had an account. After I figured out how to use the website I got hooked. So much so that I dropped the coin to get a family membership for Kim and the kids.

So now in the mornings before math part of the big kids mental warm up is to do their Lumosity.

But here’s the head fake lesson: if you sell things for a living understand and embrace the principle that people will NOT buy based on your clever ad. They will usually buy if they have some close friend give a recommendation. They will ALWAYS buy when their need for your product or service intersects with your marketing message.

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