Physical Accountability update

It’s official, I moved out from behind the 8 ball to in front of the 8 ball on push ups just now.

  • Push up goal – 26,000.  I’ve done 20,088 and am 25 in front of the 8 ball.
  • Planks goal – 43,800 seconds.  I’ve done 34,654 and am 814 seconds in front of the 8 ball.
  • Rowing goal – 1,000,000 meters.  I’ve rowed 842,000 meters and am 99,534 meters ahead of the 8 ball.
  • Walking goal – 300 miles.  I’m done.

The big news is I’ve decided on my 2014 game plan with a few potential adjustments from my personal health board of directors pending.

Proud of myself.

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