Read this at your own risk – it’s about money

I’ve been getting into some recent discussions about money.  Not necessarily making money but how to preserve, invest and grow what you already have.  I’m very tight lipped about this subject b/c it’s highly non-duplicatible AND somewhat scary.

@Kimberly Buttar and I don’t have a savings account, IRA’s, 401K’s, SEP IRA’s or any kind of money manager.  We also don’t believe in the tooth fairy, santa claus, US Monetary Policy or the that the governments will / wants to take care of us.

We follow guides like Robert Kiyosaki and David Novac, movies like Inside Job and utilize “non-traditional” methods of growing what we make.  Some  of these “non-traditional” methods are:

If you believe that you will have more money at any point in your life, the next question will become (if it hasn’t already) how do I keep more of what I make?  How can I pass on what I make?  By far the most helpful resource has been Elevation Group b/c of the how to’s.

Good luck!


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