Redefine Yourself

In 2007 when I turned 40 I decided to be a fund raiser for the Leukemia Society’s Team In Training program.  Because I used be their cycling head coach in Orlando I knew all about the program and one of my cyclists had become the coach.  So I was coached by Bob Cline to ride 100 miles all the while raising $5,000 for TNT.  During that journey I met a guy named Tim Caullo.  Tim owned a business that he hated (due to environmental policy changes) and we spent a bunch of time together cycling, paddling, etc.  He told me this true story.  Tim was struggling with his business and got a divorce and had to just out of his own head for a while.  So he went to Chile to go skiing.  One day on a mountain top a storm blew threw and in 10 seconds everything went from blue sky to blizzard.  During the blue sky time he met an older gentleman by the name of Herby.  Herby was from New York and had been in business for a long time and so Tim naturally opened up to him as we all do to strangers.  Herby listened very closely and finally said, “…I know what you need Tim.”  And then the blizzard blew in.  Tim tells me that as the wind picked up and Herby instantly disappears in a white cloud he can barely make Herby out but Tim is waiting for this secret Herby was going to tell him!  In the middle of the storm Tim heard Herbys voice say “you have to redefine yourself Tim”.  And that was it.  Tim came home and completely redefined his business and life.  BTW Herby was one of the founders of Ralph Lauren.

You may be thinking, what the hell are you talking about Z????

Here’s the deal I have always referred to myself as “a swimmer” or “a cyclist” or whatever I happen to be doing.  But in the 10 years since I’ve heard that story I’ve redefined myself a million times for business, family, etc.  But not as an athlete.  Today marked a significant accomplishment for me:  I completed my 9th consecutive Orange Theory Fitness workout in 9 consecutive days.  During the 9 days we had what they call Peak Week – basically a week of different tests to gauge your fitness.  In those workouts I hit the standard in 1 event as did Kim.  In the beginning of the year I was amazed if someone did an OTF workout back to back – now 6 months later doing a 9 day stretch is not just possible, I was able to hit those days hard.

Why is this important you may ask?  because we are all aging and if we choose not to redefine ourselves we will be redefined by our circumstances.  Circumstances like lack of mobility, power generation, muscular weakness, fatigue, obesity and on and on and on.  When I was younger I was defined by others by my ability to race and finish.  Now that I am 50 my nature hasn’t changed – I still need to compete – but I’ve completely redefined how I put effort out.

Redefine yourself.  And if you’re redefining yourself let me hear all about it 🙂

Peace, love and happiness.





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