Soliders Thank You Project

I had an awesome experience yesterday. On Facebook I saw a friend and said hi in the chat box. It wasn’t her but her husband. He was logged in from Afghanistan 5 time zones away, he’s on active duty. So I ended up chatting with a very close friend who won’t be at home during the Thankgiving Holiday. And that got me thinking about how many people I know who are fighting for so much and give up so much and how much it might mean to them to see and hear a “Thank you”. Saying thank you on Facebook during veterans day is one thing but having a specific message of thanks in a far a way land during the holiday season is quite another.

So having Activator as a top 5 strength I’d like to do something about this and ask for your help, if you buy into the spirit of giving thanks and you support our military. (It doesn’t matter if I know you personally or not or even if you know anyone who is a solider spending time away from their family.)

You can help in 1 (or more) of 3 ways:

  1. Write a thank you message. Email that to
  2. If you know how to load a video to Youtube or Vimeo, record a video message and then share that with
  3. If you would rather leave a voice message just dial (512) 827-0505 Ext 6324 and leave a thank you message, it’s set up to take a 20 minute voicemail.

The only things I ask are:

  1. In your message say your name and where you live.
  2. Leave a heartfelt message of gratitude and thanks.
  3. Do this by Thanksgiving day.

I appreciate it.

Let the good vibes roll 🙂

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