Stay Smooth

This is the profile of today’s workout. In Orange Theory Fitness lingo it was a workout called IT during Hell Week. In normal people speak it was hard because all the intervals were 60 seconds of work and 30 seconds of recovery. During the 60 second interval you were either rowing, running (or in my case cycling), doing burpees or a dumb bell movement. Then you moved stations and then got 15 seconds. As you might know a “Splat point” is a measure of the after burner effect (my explanation) and today I got 43 minutes.  I got that many because I was rested and am an extremely efficient athlete; here’s what I did:

  • When I knew the first interval was 60 seconds long I decided that I had to pick a lighter weight.  Heavier weight would kill my ability to “put out” on the rowing machine.
  • I was very conservative in the acceleration of getting to the Orange Zone.  I took my time getting there because I knew once I got there I wanted to stay there.  Getting and staying there is more efficient (and easier) than going up and down.
  • I made one mistake by hitting the burpees too hard during 1 interval (I did 25 in 60 seconds) that put me in the red zone, it took me a while to recover.  And when I recovered it was too much recovery – I left the orange zone.

From a mental perspective you want to ignore everything external inputs tell you – expect for when the interval ends and when it starts.  You want to be laser focused on doing the current interval with controlled force – not chaotic energy – then get the rest when they give it to you.  You want to be smooth.  Smooth in your output.

It’s not about having the fastest or hardest interval of your life, it’s about focus on only the current one and staying in control.

If you focus only what is in front of you at that moment, you can’t imagine the level of output you’ll have.

It makes no sense… to go harder you must be smoother but in fact that is the secret to high output – be smooth.



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