The damn car saga

Awesome book!

From the Thomas Stanley book I’m reading p. 179 – he’s talking about cars.

“…Income is not the same measure of wealth (I knew that). If you do not have investments (of which your home can be no more than 25%) valued at 1 Million or more, you are not wealthy. (I did not know that.)

“Over the prior 10 years, what percentage of the millionaires surveyed have NOT owned/leased even one of the prestige makes of vehicles listed below?
Acura – 88.9%
Aston Martin – 100.0% (my personal dream car is a Vanquish)
Audi – 92.7%
BMW – 79.1%
Cadillac – 88.7%
Ferrari – 99.7%
Infiniti – 92.7%
Jag – 92.6%
Lambo – 99.9%
Land Rover – 95.9%
Lexus – 78.9%
Lincoln – 93.0%
Lotus – 99.9%
Maserati – 99.6%
Mercedes – 75.1%
Porsche – 95.1%
Rolls / Bentley – 99.6%
Saab – 95.8%
Volvo – 90.4%

The only car I’ve ever really wanted since I was a kid.

I didn’t know ANY OF THIS! Yes I want a Vanquish before I die (a wish b/c I don’t have a date attached to it) but if I’m honest and ask myself “…why do I want a Vanquish?…” The honest, no BS answer is because the car is cool, it would make me feel like a weathly bad ass and Kim would feel like a queen riding in or driving it. But the reality is I don’t really care what car I drive thus it’s a wish.

What I DO care about is a more multi dimensional definition of wealth – hot wife, amazingly smart, fit, servant hearted children and time to pursue some entrepenerual pursuits. I see money as a part of wealth but seriously it is a thing. We get paid enough of the thing through our current channels. If something implodes it’s not terribly difficult to go get more of the thing but the wealth, that’s something entirely different. Wealth needs to be fought for. But because we are new to this business thing I’m reading the book to learn more about how the real millionaires live. They are ALOT more toned down than I imagined.

200 are on the road, it’s an electric car.

This all leads to he struggle I’m having right now: In May 2011 I put down a deposit on a Tesla Model S. B/c I don’t like big oil or multi nationals I figured I have the ability to “fight the man” and be independent. It took Tesla a coon’s age to get the car to production and in the meantime I got the Camaro. Not really a dream car but after riding in one at the first Advocare 500 I liked the speed and figured “it’s not a Vanquish but it’s cool”. About 2 weeks after getting the Camaro Tesla called and said your car is ready to be made, we need you to design it. So I had a situation brewing – get the Tesla or keep the Camaro. Kim says keep the Camaro because it’s extremely attractive in our community (big time NASCAR hub) and it’s already attracting business. Then I find out the Tesla is Motor Trends 2013 Car of the Year and now Tesla is raising the price at the end of December. And then to top if off I’m reading this book and am questiong my beliefs about money, prosperity and life style choices.

My car. 45th Anniversary Camaro 2 SS

Because Activator is in my top 5 strengths I didn’t know what to do but still took action. I placed an ad for the Camaro on Cragislist and an have an offer through Ebay. I talked to my sister who wants the Tesla. So the situation as it stands is this:

– I have a deposit on the Tesla.
– I have the Camaro in the garage.
– All I really want is a pick up because it’s most functional in my lifestyle.
– I wish to have a Black Vanquish someday before I die.
– Kim, the kids and the dog love me.

I don’t know exactly what to do but I do know this: this book has opened my mind.

That my friends is how today started.

Ps. I also realize that there are many more difficult situations many people are dealing with today. From jobs to loved ones serving in the military to personal relationship issues or other things I can’t even comprehend. I feel bad for even articulating this thought today and I humbly thank the Almighty for the generous gifts Kim and I have been given.

– I blew off the Tesla and got my deposit back.
– I still have the Camaro.
– I still want a truck.
– I still wish to have a Black Vanquish someday before I die.
– Kim, the kids and the dog still love me.

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