Thoughts for a New Year

I am worn out. I see so much “stuff” on Facebook about getting healthy or wealthy or successful and most of it is from people who at best are mediocre in their own life. I hope this post doesn’t offend anyone but I really don’t care if it does – this is directed to EVERY SINGLE person wanting more. More money, more health, more fulfillment, more of whatever.  By the way, it’s possible that no one has ever told you what I’m about to tell you or maybe you forgot.

  • If you want better health… workout more.  Quit posting random inspirational crap on your FB. Quit posting pics of your sweaty hot body at the gym. Just do work.  (I do 100 push ups per day and practice a martial art called Aikido.)
  • If you want better health… eat better.  Again, little recipe pics are fine and dandy but recognize the simple fact that there are 35 meals to consume in a week (if you plan on eating 5 times a day). Plan ahead.  Shop ahead.  Fix your meals ahead of time.  Take supplements.  There’s no way to get what your body needs from pesticide infused plants and hormonally manipulated sources of protein.  (I eat 30 great meals a week, take Advocare supplements and eat only organice non-gmo fruits, veggies and protein.)
  • If you want more money… get a clue.  Here are your options:  Exchange more hours at whatever job you do – you’ll make more money.  Exchange more hours at whatever job you do during holidays – you’ll make more money.  Start a business or expand your existing business – you’ll make money but it’ll be hard at first.  Buy a business – you’ll make money but you need the money to buy the business.  Become a distributor of something you love – you’ll make money but it’ll be hard for at least 3 years.  BUT FOR GOD’S SAKE – WHATEVER YOU DO… DON’T JUST TALK ABOUT IT – DO IT!!!!!!!!  Find the customer, give them the value they desire, thank them for their business and do it over and over and over and over again.  You may be better at one option than the others.  (I own a services company and am a distributor for a direct selling company.  I’m good at both.)
  • If you want a better reality… get some freaking discipline.  Setting goals is fine but success isn’t measured by a place or destination.  Success is about the journey of living a life of discipline.  Do the work you know you need to on the goal that you set on a daily basis – THAT’s how your reality becomes fulfilling.  You stop doing the crap that frustrates you and you start doing the stuff that fulfills you.  If you’re entrepreneurial maybe you can turn it into a way to make money but if not do it as a hobby.  (Everyday I do the things from my Slight Edge list.)

Own 2017.


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