We ALL need you to win

Regardless of whether you follow college basketball or not the NCAA Division 1 championship game between Villanova and UNC was a classic. I didn’t have a dog in the hunt but I watched the game because I love to see competitors in a championship moment. The outcome is history – Villanova won and UNC lost. In the last 15 seconds of the game both teams started raining down 3 point plays – back and forth in the most incomprehensible scenarios. The game winner was a 3 pointer at the buzzer by a player named Jenkins from Villanova.

But as you watch this video (regardless of who you were cheering for) I want you to watch for a sense of expectations of something great about to happen.

Kris Jenkins’s Shot reactions!

Kris Jenkins’s shot was great. But the reactions, were AMAZING!

Posted by NCAA March Madness on Tuesday, April 5, 2016

You see we all want to cheer. We all want the fighter to prevail against impossible odds. In the last few seconds of that game one team had to lose – that’s a fact. Think of it like this: if the winning shot had missed the champion would have been UNC and everyone would have been cheering for the impossible 3 point shot the kid on UNC’s team had made less than 5 seconds before instead of cheering for Villanova.

When someone does something impossible and wins – we the spectators, fans, family, friends – we all win.

When you do something impossible – your friends, family, team, fans – they all win. That’s why we need you to win. So we can cheer for you. The next time you try the impossible dream, think about that.

If you have achieved the impossible dream, tell me if you feel like your people won along side of you.

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