We are all Creators

Check it out…but first the back ground:

Jon Weiner, my Sensei in Aikido (Weiner Sensei) just completed an epic project: a new building! Half of the building is his media studio but the other half is a huge Aikido dojo.  Last Friday he got the certificate of occupancy, on Sunday the students did serious work to relocate all of the mats, flooring and other equipment from the storage area to the new dojo, on Monday they continued working and on Monday evening we had our first class in the new dojo.  This was extraordinarily exciting for those of us who hadn’t practiced for almost 3 months!  In the photograph above (from the new facility is Weiner Sensei in the front row 4th from the left.)


Now here’s the story:
5th from the left in the photo is Dennis Main.  Main Sensei is a 6th Degree Black Belt and has been practicing Aikido for well over 40 years.  Not only did he start Aikido in Charlotte but he is also Weiner Sensei’s teacher.  Main Sensei told the story of how for the last 16 years Weiner Sensei has been training and teaching.  And since day 1 he told Main Sensei, “…someday I’m going to build a dojo…”

I heard this story at the conclusion of a 2 hour session of fight club and was hurting like hell but I heard what Main Sensei said.

Weiner Sensei spoke a thing.  He created something.

For 16 years he carried this creation.

On January 18 I got to practice inside the physical manifestation of his creation.

Think about that for a second.  He created a vision in his mind 16 years ago.  Through thick and thin, trials and tribulations, ups and downs; he managed to hold on to a dream and it just came true.  I got to be part of the end product but there’s a lesson to be learned.

We are all Creators.  The visions we create in our mind can come true but we have to pay the price.  I wish it was easy.  I wish I got paid residual income on all the idiots who promote how easy it is.  It’s not easy!  It’s never been easy.  But the act of creating a vision, doing the work and staying true to that vision…that’s just plain exemplary.

Tell me this, what vision are you creating , I really would like to know.

Congrats WS, you’ve done awesome!

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