Weight Loss Challenge – Day 11 Of 39

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This is a documentation of day 11 of 39 (I update the morning after a day is complete)

Thursday, May 11, 2017 – Day 11
I did Aikido in the morning  and burned up 385 calories in class.  Back sore, knee swollen but Rob Benningfield (my chiro and ART) worked me over.  I did the 4:30 pm OTF class and was able to hit it hard – no back or knee issues.  It was a test set where you had to do as many rounds as possible in 22 minutes.  A round included .13 miles on the tread (b/c I walk instead of run) and then row 200 meters.  My treadmill interval was 8% incline @ 4.2 mph.  My rowing intervals were 460 to 480 watts with 16 to 20 strokes in about :25.  The tactic was to attack the row and recover on the treadmill – which worked.  I sustained attacking the first 10 strokes on the rower and then hanging on until 200 was up.  Then I needed to go around .04 mile at 3.8 mph at 8% incline to recover from the effort and then gradually bring the speed up to 4.2.   I finished 8 rounds and ran out of time at .67 on the treadmill of the 9th round.  I Burned up 889 calories.

You may be wondering why the hell is Z sharing the miniscule details – who really cares.  Here’s the head fake:  these details will be what I refer to when we do the test again, around 90 days from now, my objective is to earn the fitness to finish 9 rounds.

I had 5 meals each in the 480 calorie range.
For the day I burned 3,662 calories.
I took in 2,436 calories.
The net deficit was 1,226 calories.
I slept 7:31
I drank 123 oz of water.
Bottom line – Today was good day.

For those who asked…yes I still have a training dairy and yes you can still see it.  It’s here and I usually update it every few days.

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