Weight Loss Challenge – Day 13 Of 39

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This is a documentation of day 13 of 39 (I update the morning after a day is complete)

Saturday, May 13, 2017 – Day 13
I did Aikido in the morning  and burned up 561 calories in class.  I felt like my center of balance was low and I had huge output – on good knee days I feel very agile.  This morning was one of those days.  I think the Thursday workout at OTF put me in a hole that exhibited itself at 2:15 pm today.  My meals were buying me literally 1:20 of satiation and then I fell off a cliff.  3 times.  I also had a Yasso bar – frozen yogurt.  Good stuff.

I had 5 meals each in the 480 calorie range.
For the day I burned 3,219 calories.
I took in 2,595 calories.
The net deficit was 624 calories.
I slept 7:14
I drank 138 oz of water.
Bottom line – Today was a win.

For those who asked…yes I still have a training dairy and yes you can still see it.  It’s here and I usually update it every few days.

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