Weight Loss Challenge – Day 23 Of 39

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This is a documentation of day 23 of 39 (I update the morning after a day is complete)

Tuesday, May 23, 2017 – Day 23
Aikido in the evening and burned 579 calories.  After having stem cells injected into my knees, my knees hurt at about 6 on the pain scale.  We also did an interesting exercise to gauge fitness on the mat specifically for Aikido.  1 repetition was attack, get a technique applied to you and then fall.  The idea was to do that 8 times in 30 seconds or less, I did it in 32 seconds.  Cool concept but out of my wheelhouse – at my skill level that feels way too high risk to do again.  I have to safely get my 50 year old, 6′ 2″, 215 pound body 12′ round trip on every fall – too many things can go wrong if I push hard enough to make the time standard.  Yet another example of my thought process change as I age.  Definitely getting wiser – young Z would dive in first and then figure it out on the way.  Older Z is rarely where he is, most of the time he’s in “…if I do this now, how will my body feel 5 years from now…” mode.  I liked the push into my discomfort zone though.  My body is very sore – my legs are KILLING me – like after having done AT intervals on the bike.

I had 5 meals each in the 480 calorie range.
For the day I burned 3,039 calories.
I took in 2,454 calories.
The net deficit was 585 calories.
I slept 7:50  In my own bed and took Sleep Works and it was 4:04 of deep sleep!
I drank 105 oz of water.
Bottom line – Today was a win.  Because I’m alive and can move.

For those who asked…yes I still have a training dairy and yes you can still see it.  It’s here and I usually update it every few days.

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