Weight Loss Challenge – Day 8 Of 39

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This is a documentation of day 8 of 39 (I update the morning after a day is complete)

Monday, May 8, 2017 – Day 8
Got my allergy shot and then I did OTF in the morning, got 9 splat points and burned 822 calories.
I did 2 hours of Aikido in the evening and burned 266 calories – more test prep and some super intense stuff.  The fact that I only had 9 splat points coupled plus burning 266 calories in Aikido plus feeling like I was pulling a truck around all day makes me think that although my sleep time is increasing my body still has residual fatigue.  The kind of fatigue that when it’s time to mentally decide go or back off makes you justify backing off.  It doesn’t feel like a big deal to me – 20 years ago I would have been stressing.  But now, maybe it’s my age, my thought was “…oh well…tomorrow’s another day…”  I don’t appear to be attached to the outcome anymore – which is strange to me because my reality has been to control the outcome at whatever cost.  At the end of my first week of this documentation business I can say this without doubt:  I have fully embraced this eating methodology – tracking my food and knowing the macro’s.  It’s very cool stuff.  Requires ALOT of preparing but very neat indeed.
I had 5 meals each in the 480 calorie range.
For the day I burned 3,134 calories.
I took in 2,266 calories.
The net deficit was 868 calories.
I slept 7:39
I drank 163 oz of water.
Bottom line – today was a win.

For those who asked…yes I still have a training dairy and yes you can still see it.  It’s here and I usually update it every few days.

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