Z’s Physical Quest Accountability Update: 5 months down, 7 months to go

IMG_2366With 5 months down and 7 more to go in 2013 here are the stats:


  • 26,000 Push Ups
  • 43,800 seconds of holding a plank (that translates to 730 total minutes or 2 minutes a day)
  • 1,000,000 meters rowing on a Concept 2
  • Walk 300 miles

So Far

  • 9,718 Push Ups. 1,038 behind the 8 ball.
  • 16,332 seconds of holding a plank. 1,788 seconds behind the 8 ball.
  • 507,108 meters rowing. 93,409 meters ahead of the 8 ball.
  • 124 miles walking. 4 miles ahead of the 8 ball.

The trip to Kuaui whacked everything out.  I only did push ups and planks for 1 day and swam and surfed the rest of the time.  Being a beginning level surfer took a MASSIVE toll on my energy level, just fighting through sets of waves and learning when and how to go out and not waste energy.  I was constantly torn between taking advantage of the time at the beach or recovering,  I chose to rehearse my basic skills.  I also ended up walking a million miles but there was no way to track it (now Kim and I have a Jawbone Up because our friend Brooks Reid told us about it.)


Interestingly enough because I am actually training on the Concept 2 my push ups have taken a hit.  Instead of 2 sets of 60 push ups I dropped to 2 sets of 50 and that has really impacted my behind the 8 ball number.

On the bright side I learned something completely new: stretching in a hot tub!  Michael W. Smith taught me to stretch in a hot tub first thing in the morning.  He’s right it works WONDERS, especially if you’re a masters athlete.  He’s trained by Steve Watterson, strength coach for the Tennessee Titans.  I told him that mere mortals like me didn’t have access to a hot tub every morning – unless we were at a hotel!!!


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